How do I apply for an invitation letter to assist with my visa application?
Unfortunately, we cannot issue personal/individual letters of invitation for visa purposes.
How do I log into Showcase Connect?
Your login details have been sent to the email address on your registration. Simply click on the activation link which will bring you to the desktop version of Showcase Connect. Please save your details also. If you forget them please email info@showcaseireland.com and they can re-issue them.
I have forgotten my password; what should I do?
If you forget your password please click on reset password and a link will be sent to your email address.
Do I have to attend the trade show in person to use the Showcase Connect platform?
No, if you are unable to attend the show you can still register and access the platform, view all Exhibitors and connect with them online via the platform.
What are the recommended browsers when using Showcase Connect?
Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Please avoid internet explorer as many versions are no longer supported by Microsoft in terms of technical support.
Is there an app available for this event?
Yes. Search for "Showcase Connect" in the App Store or Google Play store. Use the app to network with Exhibitors, view the Talks Stage, and find your way around with the Interactive Map.
What logo and profile photo size and specifications are acceptable on the platform?
The largest logo and photo size that we can accept is 50MB, should be a .png or jpeg format.The specification for the logo should be 170*170, and for the profile image should be 480*480.
My logo or profile photo save button is greyed out. What should I do?
Please refer to sizes and specs above as 90% of the time this issue is due to the wrong spec or size!
Do I have to specify my categories of interest?
Yes, you must indicate what categories of interest you have, which will then generate the most appropriate recommendations.
How does the Matchmaking work?
The platform runs an algorithm based on your categories of interest and matches them with the exhibitor products and profiles which then appear as your recommendations.
Can exhibitors download my contact details?
No, this is not permitted under GDPR restrictions – the only information that will be visible to exhibitors is your name, title and business name.
How long does the meeting function stay open for?
Online and in person meeting bookings will be open for one month after the event. We recommend you follow up within one month to make the most out of your participation in Showcase.
Who do I contact if I have technical issues?
Contact info@showcareireland.com and someone will help you.
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