We are conscious of the importance of ensuring that Showcase is an environmentally sustainable event, and we are actively working to reduce waste and carbon emissions levels.


The RDS is centrally located, with good public transport links, and with a range of accommodation options nearby

It holds the ISO 50001:2018 standard for Energy Management Systems.

There is a 100kwp solar installation on site, with a further 1MW of potential roof space earmarked for development through to the end of 2025.

It expanded its network of electric vehicle charging stations in 2023 to help facilitate the transition to sustainable transportation, and it is increasing the number of bicycle stands available on site to encourage people attending events there to use active transport.

Event catering is provided on crockery and in compostable food packaging and coffee cups. Coffee cup lids and clear plastic cups and bowls are recyclable.

Waste is segregated as dry mixed recyclables, waste timber, green waste, food and other compostable waste so it enters the appropriate waste processing stream.


Sustainability only works if we are all involved and working together, so we encourage all participants to engage with the sustainability initiatives being employed at this year’s event:

Bring your own reusable bottle - water refill points will be located in the registration area. Use the appropriate bin when disposing of any waste – this helps us to maintain the ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy at the RDS.

Take public transport or avail of the 5 solar powered EV charging points located in the Merrion Road carpark. Use the Show as an opportunity to arrange as many meetings as you can thereby reducing the need to make additional trips in the future.


Bring a bag, pen and any other items you may need during the day.

Download the Showcase App and use the QR code on the back of your badge holder to access the Show catalogue.

Photograph business cards or flyers instead of taking a physical copy.


Use QR codes instead of printed materials to provides attendees with information.

Provide samples and giveaways made from sustainable or reusable materials.

Use sustainable stand materials where possible

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