From past to present

Irish couture may have hit the world stage in 1953 when a design by Sybil Connolly made the cover of Life magazine - a prelude to a feature entitled Fashion: Enterprise in Old Erin - but our history of yarn and fabric production, as well as in design, goes back much further and also looks to the future. Our brands take Ireland’s rich heritage in knitwear, tweed and linen and reimagine it for the contemporary customer.

Conscious design

Today’s sophisticated consumers are seeking great designs made to last. Irish designers are well placed to satisfy such demands with an industry that is experiencing a resurgence. With a focus on sustainable fabrics, ethical production and unique designs, Irish brands are in fashion at Showcase.

Core values

The core values of many of our fashion brands align with the desires of the contemporary consumer - timeless style, attention to detail, sustainable materials, ethical practices and local production. Our design houses have been doing this for generations but now they are also utterly on trend.

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